6 Weekend Rituals For A Productive Week

This post was inspired by The Idea Bucket and if you’re feeling that weekends are passing you by then I hope that perhaps this inspires you a little bit too. Of course, it’s important to acknowledge that many of us won’t get a traditional weekend for lots of reasons – work, parenting, caring, unemployment. The rituals below work in various circumstances but they can be adapted too. The important takeaway is that it can be helpful to assign a little time each week to really invest in ourselves.

1) Open The Curtains, Hop In The Shower And Get Dressed

Okay, so my aspirations don’t start that high. But, as I write this in my pyjamas at midday, it has to be acknowledged that any hope of a productive week ahead depends on this weekend ritual. Of course if you are ill and/or beyond fatigued then don’t listen to me, listen to your body. But if you’re good to go … come on, be honest, you can do it …. then let’s get cracking!

2) Cook A Yummy Breakfast

I hate to break it to you but things are about to get tough. So you need to gather your energy. Think hotel-quality and you’ll be on track with the breakfast I had in mind for you. You might be in Brighton eating granola and avocado on toast. Or maybe you are hotelling abroad with shakshuka welcoming you in to your day. The details don’t matter too much so long as you spoil yourself with something that tastes good and makes you feel good. You want to make sure that your body and mind are sufficiently fuelled for the challenge ahead!


3) The Tough One

You have to get your house in order. I know it’s boring and the last thing you want to do but you’ll make life difficult for yourself if you don’t embrace this step right now! So put the washing on, do the dishes, empty the bins, tidy and clean until you can honestly call yourself house-proud. And then, just before you put your feet up, do the ironing. Yep, you heard that right. Do the ironing. Or not but indulge me as I try to imagine living up to the title of my blog!

4) You Can’t Put Your Feet Up Just Yet

I lied. The tough step does not proceed putting your feet up. It proceeds putting your shoes on. It’s time to go out. Write yourself a meal plan for the weekend ahead and then get yourself to the shops. You need to stock up on food. Think of yourself as a squirrel approaching winter. This might be another tough one but it comes with impressive rewards. Okay, not impressive as such but pretty essential. You know the kind of thing. Regular meals, resisting the pull of takeaway, keeping your budget on track. Okay, I lied again. Let’s get honest. This step leads to essential and impressive rewards.


5) Catch Up With Friends

Okay, the hard work is behind us. Now onto the fun stuff. Catch up with your friends safe in the knowledge you’re ready for the week ahead. Go to the cinema, have a coffee date or treat yourself to a meal out. After all, you did do the food shop. Expecting you to cook on top of that would be a bit much for a weekend, right?

6) The Bit You’ve Been Waiting For

It’s time to do what you love. The things that will give you energy, relax you, make you feel inspired. It’s probably a mix of doing and being. So, for me, it’s likely to be snuggling up on my sofa with a piece of cake, a pot of tea and a good book. Heaven!


4 thoughts on “6 Weekend Rituals For A Productive Week

  1. I love these tips! I like the playful approach to them, especially the squirrel stocking up for winter bit. I also try to adopt this “this isn’t cleaning, it’s just a game!”

    I wish I had the appetite in the morning for a fancy breakfast – but no worries, I just have something small, then something bigger for brunch 😉

    1. My breakfast often is brunch! Haha. I think the lovely thing I have found about this routine is that it can be used flexibly. So some days it takes me until 3pm to get onto stage two because I’ve added a morning of reading books in bed. Other days, I don’t get to cleaning until the second day of the weekend. This week, it’s even gone into the next week. But keeping these steps in my head is really helping me adult successfully! (Kind of!)

      1. Flexibility is key. Being strict with ourselves just makes things seem like more of a chore and is off-putting. Plus we need to do the things we enjoy and have fun!

        But like you said, having steps helps to keep progress, so it’s not so bad if you fall behind a bit and start forgetting then.

        After reading your routine, I think I’ll try having a shower before I have breakfast and see if that kick starts me into a more productive mode 🙂

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