In the world of BookTube, non-fiction November is about to start and there are plenty of self-help books out this month for you to enjoy. Here are some of the ones I am looking forward to most.

1) Bodyfulness

The relationship we have with our body is an important one. Bodyfulness looks at how we can live a mindful life in our bodies, dealing with emotions and reducing a sense of conflict or unawareness around our bodies.

Also out this month is Your Body Mandala: Posture as a Path to Presence, which weaves together movement theory, philosophy, neuroscience, fascia research, and personal story.

2) Cosy

Oh, the relief. So many countries have offered their versions of wellbeing whilst the United Kingdom wallowed in an absence of warmth. No more. Finally, we have something to offer too – it is time to get Cosy. When I first discovered this book, it had the most delightful front cover, which now seems to have changed. But with a little luck, the contents will help us all celebrate the art of British comfort. It promises “cups of warm tea, crunchy toast, a great book, open fires, cosy clothes, wet and windy wrapped up walks, rain trickling on the window”. Plus beautiful illustrations throughout – perfect for the cosy reading night on Friday 2nd November being hosted by Lauren and the Books.

Also out this month for people who love wellbeing from around the world as much as me is The Happiness Passport and The Atlas of Happiness.

3) Wonder

Two beautiful-looking books on Wonder appear this month: That Sense of Wonder and The Little Book of Wonder. I think wonder is an important wellbeing word. It comes so naturally to children – that sense of awestruck curiosity but, as adults, our appreciation for things often gets lost in the humdrum of everyday life. How lovely then to be reminded of its importance and the amazing things that can be found in the day-to-day activities. Put aside a weekend, make yourself cosy and dive into this magical world. I think these would both make very lovely Christmas presents.

4) Rituals for Every Day

Another thing that children benefit from is routines. Again we can forget as adults how much pleasure and sense of health there is to be gained from putting into place restorative rituals. This book, Rituals for Every Day, acts as a gentle reminder and for optimum benefit you might wish to combine this with L’art de la Liste, which is also appearing this month. What better way to get organised than a list!

Another book that includes routines and being published this month is The Rewired Life.  It’s hard to get a real sense of this book from the blurb in my opinion (although you may feel differently) but it’s caught my attention and I will look forward to reading some reviews once it’s out.

5) One for your inner child …

I love Penguins so I can’t resist including this little tale of bravery for your inner child or maybe your real child if you have one! The Not-So-Brave Penguin looks as though it has the cutest illustrations and loveliest, heart-warming message. Definitely one to snuggle up with on a wintery evening.

If you enjoy self-help books then head over to Pinterest where you can find more forthcoming self-help books. Check out my new BookTube channel too. My videos typically will include a selection of self-help and fiction for all ages with themes around emotional health.

Have a happy reading month and see you in December!

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