How to breathe easy: Introducing Breathing Zone

You know those times when life is feeling a bit overwhelming? Sometimes demands can be coming at us from all directions. I call it baby bird syndrome because, however hard you work, it never seems to quieten down!

Well during one such period, I discovered Breathing Zone. Simplicity is the key here with a piece of software that takes you back to the basics of breathing. Breathing Zone encourages us to take a moment out of our day to do a guided breathing exercise. I found myself really looking forward to the little pocket of time in my day when all I would focus on was breathing. But the best thing was that I felt calmer throughout the day. Just as a result of having taken just a few moments out to breathe!

The features of the software can be quickly described.

  • Unobtrusive sounds
  • An uncomplicated visual representation of the breath
  • Easy-to-use functionality that allows the user to control the number of breaths prompted per minute

The video below will give you the idea. This particular guided exercise contains an introductory voice-over, which personally I find distracting. But you can switch the introduction off on the actual application if you don’t like it so don’t let that put you off trying Breathing Zone.

If you are looking for software that helps with breathing for anxiety, this could provide another addition to your toolbox. But Breathing Zone is a neat piece of software for anyone interested in improving their sense of wellbeing, irrespective of whether they’re experiencing anxiety.

Where to download Breathing zone

Free versions can be downloaded via the Mac store, Google play or iTunes. Plus there is a possibility to purchase the full version of the software too. This enables you to extend the session length beyond five minutes and lower the beats per minute.

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