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5 delightful books to boost children’s mental health and make you smile

Posted on 10 February 2019

There are lots of books to help children with their mental health and, if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I think they can be pretty great self-help for grown-ups too! Here are five of my favourites to help children cope with feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, grief and low-self-esteem. To help with anger choose … A Volcano in My Tummy Tell me about this book in three sentences! A Volcano in My Tummy has twenty-five lessons, which offer teachers and caregivers creative ways to help children learn about anger. It provides ideas about effective responses to anger in an easy-to-read format. The exercises are designed for children between the ages of six and ten but can be therapeutically useful…

Are children’s books actually the best self-help?

Posted on 27 January 2019

We all buy self-help books with the best of intentions. But often the very thing that had us reaching for the self-help section in the first place stops us from settling down to read the book. We have too much to do. Our ability to concentrate has disappeared. We’ve lost all hope that the book (or anything else) can change the situation. So could we have more luck if we turn our attention to another part of the bookshop? Here’s my guide to getting the most from a hidden source of self-help wisdom: the children’s book. Put the joy first How often have you ploughed your way through a self-help book only to find it didn’t have the answer you were looking for anyway?…