From the floordrobe to the going-nowhere career, I am far from being able to call myself a grown-up. As any sensible teenager 37 year old would do when faced with a problem of this enormity, I have embraced the obvious way forward: blogging my way to brilliance.

Smwddio (smooth-eeo) is a Welsh word meaning ‘to iron’. It will go without saying that I never iron. But that is all about to change. The floordrobe will be transformed into piles of neatly ironed clothes, I will sleep at sensible times and work out how-the-bloody-hell to save for retirement without robbing a bank.

Of course, I have tried to master all of this before but this time I think I will succeed. Why? Because I am putting my inner child in charge!

Before you pooh-pooh my idea let me explain.

Inner Child LOVES all things grown-up from cooking up a storm in a make-pretend kitchen to delighting people with her customer service at the Fisher Price Cash Register. In this world of playful possibility, balance comes naturally. There is no guilt at time spent splashing in the bath, giggling at Shaun the Sheep Movie or sitting quietly reading a book. From chores to chilling, Inner Child has it all sorted. So what does she know that I don’t?

Hello! I’m Inner Child and this is my guide to growing up. It really doesn’t have to be complicated! Aspirational Adult has got a bit confused. She makes lists, spends hours thinking about how to make life better and tries very hard to Sort Everything Out. If we spent as much time doing all the lovely things as we did planning for all the lovely things then everything would be sorted by now!

Part of the problem is that she tries to sort everything out at once. The Perfect Budget and Perfect Job and Perfect Home. Whereas I would just do one thing at a time. Clean the oven, count the money, make a yummy meal, watch something funny and then go to sleep. I don’t know why everything has to be so complicated!

The other thing I am very good at is having fun. I see delightful things all over the place, like in the sky or in the breeze on my face as I walk around the street or in apples. There is even lots of fun at work, for example sorting all the things and earning all the money. Although work can be no good if you have to be there too long and so I am always making Aspirational Adult work less!

Once everything is sorted then it can all work very smoothly. You get home, cook dinner and then go to sleep. At the weekends you play the most. Aspirational Adult calls these routines but I prefer to think of them more as going with the flow.

I am looking forward to having my very own blog. I haven’t been allowed to blog before but I am very wise – much wiser than Aspirational Adult who ties herself in knots with silly things – and I love chatting the most. By the way, I am not a real child! Just an inner one so you don’t need to worry about me!

I hope you like my blog. If you don’t then please feel free not to read it!

So, to summarise, here are the three main guiding principles that will instruct Smwddio.

1. There is a lot of joy in the world

Contentment often squirrels itself away in the mindful simplicity of everyday life. A great deal of satisfaction can be found in smoothing out creases (a.k.a. ironing) if we allow ourselves to fully immerse in the process. This is playful mindfulness and Inner Child is an expert at it. Smwddio seeks out the joy in seemingly joyless tasks.

2. Routines are important

Everyone knows the benefits of routines for Inner Child and they’re equally important for your aspirational adult if you want them to be fully-functioning. Far from being boring, routines offer comfort and a secure base from which to explore the world. It is a very precious thing and you deserve it now as much as you did when you were a child. Smwddio seeks out effortless routines that work.

3. It’s simple

None of this needs to be complicated. Inner Child doesn’t worry about what she needs to do. She follows her instinct. Childlike self-care doesn’t require anything expensive or extravagant. Just a little time, permission to say what you need and to be yourself in meeting those needs. Smwddio seeks out simplicity and attempts to ditch the complexities that so often characterise our grown-up lives.

This blog can’t offer any advice. Let’s face it I clearly don’t know what I am doing! But if you want to console yourself that you are not the only one who hasn’t mastered adulting then posts will be published every Sunday. If you need something relatable midweek then I can be found on Twitter.