Wellbeing Apps

Productivity software for insecure days

You would be doing well to find a more minimal piece of productivity software than DoOneThing. It is perfect in its simplicity. At the top of your Mac’s screen, in the menu bar where the clock lives, it displays your goal. Just one goal – the most important to-do. Every time you glance at the […]

OmmWriter: Beautiful writing software

There is lots of writing software available. However,  you’d be hard pressed to find a more beautiful, distraction-free writing environment than OmmWriter. The video below is from 2009 and so things have changed a little, including the music. A new version called Gaia (2017) has also been released. This has brought in new backgrounds, sounds, fonts and new […]

How to breathe easy: Introducing Breathing Zone

You know those times when life is feeling a bit overwhelming? Sometimes demands can be coming at us from all directions. I call it baby bird syndrome because, however hard you work, it never seems to quieten down! Well during one such period, I discovered Breathing Zone. Simplicity is the key here with a piece of […]

Swap your smartphone for sleep with SleepTown app

This week, the papers declared the UK a nation of smartphone addicts – see this story in the Independent. This followed the publication of Deloitte’s annual Mobile Consumer Survey, which found that more than half of us feel that we use our phones too much. You probably won’t be that surprised by the findings, which include: […]