Pull up a chair, get a cup of tea and make yourself at home in The Library. Here you will find a selection of fiction, young adult and self-help books. New books come in all the time and there are a number of ways you can keep up-to-date: BookTubeGoodReads, Twitter and my bookish thoughts posts here on the website. Blankets available upon request *

There May Be A Castle

The windy path, scary-looking trees and slightly-terrified little boy, gingerly clutching a sword, let you know at the front cover that there is more to this story than happily ever after. Getting to the castle at the end of the windy path is going to be a challenge. That is if there even is a…

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The Wild Robot & The Wild Robot Escapes

We all know that feeling of being the odd one out. Maybe we’re in a situation where we feel self-conscious and worried that nobody will like us. Starting university, new jobs, parties and social media can all evoke these social insecurities. Oh and finding yourself on an island of wild animals.

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* Sadly I cannot send you a real-life blanket but the make-pretend versions are delightful.